Making the world a better place

Little footprints...

We are but one 40acre patch on earth and are committed to making a difference. A little effort goes a long way and we are determined to make our footprint slightly smaller!

As a boutique hotel, surrounded by greenery & vines, it is easy to see why the environment means so much to us- seeing this place grow means a lot to our whole team. We would all like to protect and preserve this area as much as possible so that our families get to enjoy it in years to come.

​Doing our best is the best we can do...

So far, we have built veggie gardens and are growing lots to support our kitchen. We have been delighted to find that the quality of soil is spectacular & thanks to our shy summer, the rain that we have had has been excellent for our gardens!

We have grown everything from peas, to kale, carrots, zucchini, salads and herbs. If you have eaten at Kinross in the last few months, chances are that you have already sampled some of our gardens delights... We are extremely lucky as a café and accommodation provider to have the space to be able to offer such a fresh menu.

The Kinross orchard is also over 100 years old! In the last week, we have picked lots of apples and mini plums for our kitchen team to make jams and preserves for winter time!

We are also very conscious of kitchen waste so have enlisted the help of our neighbours pigs! All vegetable scraps get popped together into our piggy bins which get picked up several times a week... They seem extremely happy about it!

Every department gets involved

Our housekeeping team also play a very vital role in environmental conservation. We use as many environmentally friendly products as is possible, recycle all of our waste, try not to waste water & offer eco friendly guest amenities.

We ask guests to join us on this mission by:
Consider using towels more than once
Not littering
Use the recycling bins found in every parking bay

Oh... and did we mention, if we find any food left in our cottages that is suitable for our duck friends- the cleaning team head straight to the pond to share the love!


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