What makes our Cellar Door so special?!

Cellar Host Ed gives us 10 reasons to come to Kinross for a Wine Experience

gibbston valley cellar door

1. We are five Cellar Doors in one.
We are kind of like a community cellar door and are proud to represent 5 boutique, special local wineries exclusively.  We provide you with the opportunity of tasting the smaller extra-special producers.

2.  Two Awesome Wine Tasting Areas
There’s a tasting for every occasion here at Kinross.
Our fully equipped Cellar Door is designed for your bigger groups of between 12-30 people, whereas the Wine Tasting Area in our General Store provides a more cosy intimate setting for smaller groups. So whether you’re here for a birthday party or an in-depth dive into understanding terroir and tannins, we cater for everyone’s needs.

3.  Fun and Dedicated Cellar Hosts
We have some of the best-looking cellar hosts in the region (we like to think). Not only that but they know all of our wines like the back of their hands...
Our Cellar Hosts come from the France, New Zealand and the UK. 

4.  World Class Wines
We have some seriously good wine at Kinross, it is easily among some of the best in the world. It’s exciting being the Cellar Door to wines that are currently helping to cement Otago’s reputation as the new home for premium Pinot Noir.
We have the pleasure of representing the four-time IWC winner, Grant Taylor from Valli Wines, along with the pioneer of Otago wines Alan Brady, who IS the Wild Irishman and that’s just to name two!

5.  A Wide Range of Older Vintages
If your taste for fine wine extends even further, we have a huge range of older vintages in stock. If you fancy taking home a slice of history, be sure to ask a member of our team.

6.  Delicious Bistro Food
Our bistro menu is in full swing for winter, ready to fill you up with warm deliciousness. We pair everything from lamb to pork belly, or even our delectable soup of the day with one of our partners famous wines. We also offer a range of sharing platters to curb your appetite on a busy day wine tasting!

7.  Exclusive Wine Experiences
Right now, we are gearing up for our next Winemakers Weekends, providing you with exclusive wine tastings and events all centered around our wine partners. It also features a 3 course Paired Trust the Chef Saturday evening meal hosted by the winemakers themselves.

8. Making Everyone Happy
Whilst you’re busy savouring our delicious wine, you don’t have to feel guilty about the others not having as much fun as you are. At Kinross, we have everyone covered. Our great Kids Play Area will certainly keep the little ones happy, and with our local craft beer and spirits section, we can fill your partner’s boots (or glass) with other deliciousness.

9.  Never two experiences the same
If our tasting experience leaves you yearning for more... Never fear. With a wide range of wines to showcase, and many different combinations to try out so you can bet that no two tasting experiences will be the same.

10.  Skye the Wine Dog
Every Cellar Door worth their salt needs a wine dog; and we believe our recent addition to the team rises above all others. When she’s not chasing after sticks or swimming in the pond, she’ll be eagerly greeting you outside our General Store with a friendly waggle of her tail.

Ed 'Cellar Host' McIntosh


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