Adam & Lizzie become partners in Kinross

What a Exciting Few Years!

It was only in November 2015 that Kinross brought in Adam & Lizzie Ross to become their new management team and things have developed super fast ever since...

What's New Since they Joined?

Well, just about everything! Kinross Cottages is becoming well known as a destination in its own right. Previously owned solely by John & Christine Erkkila - the two couples joined forces and have worked non stop to make Kinross Cottages known for the friendly, natural environment that it is!

In September 2017, Adam & Lizzie bought a quarter of the operation and in doing so, put down firm roots in Gibbston...

After successful careers in the luxury yacht industry, based out of Antibes in the South of France, Adam & Lizzie moved to NZ in the search of a greener lifestyle with the ultimate goal of setting up their own eco-lodge in the Queenstown area.  

It was very much a 'right time, right place' situation as the management contract came up and they jumped at the opportunity to explore the potential that Kinross offered.  After nearly 2 years working together with the Erkkilas, Adam and Lizzie realised that not only were they excited and grateful to be such an integral part of the development, but in seeing it grow, they wanted to feel a sense of ownership.  

John and Christine are delighted to have the Ross's on board as partners.  Christine says, "Lizzie and Adam are doing a fantastic job of managing and growing Kinross and have made themselves a loved part of the Gibbston community.  We are delighted to now have them as business partners.".

When asking Lizzie about their motives, she said, "We cant think of anywhere else in the world that we would rather be and we have both been extremely lucky in that we have travelled far & wide. Being Scottish and meeting Adam (originally from Christchurch) 8 years ago, NZ was always where we wanted to settle down after our yachting days and the Queenstown area is the perfect place for us.  We couldn't love this place any more than we do- it has everything that we love and an abundance of it!  From mind-blowing views to walks, outdoor adventure, down-to-earth people, nature, night-life, snowboarding, fine-dining and beautifully fresh air, it is somewhat of a dream to wake up here....  My dad decided to visit NZ for the first time this year and after his first long haul journey (ever) from the Scottish borders to Gibbston, he wrote a wee poem that I would like to share with the world." 

I came here as a stranger, not sure if i would stay,
But this place grows on you in a very special way!

This gorgeous craggy valley, with mountains, rivers and trees,
high peaks and fertile valleys with a warm and gentle breeze.

The thing that makes it special, is not the mountains or the view,
Its the wonderful local people, so I will raise a glass to you.

"We really are delighted to have been given this opportunity and can't wait to see what the future will bring, now that we are official partners in the business.  We feel extremely blessed to have so many phenomenal human beings in our team and cant wait for more people to experience what a stay at Kinross has to offer".

This little pocket of paradise sits in the heart of Gibbston, Central Otago- in the most southern wine making region of the world.  Situated on 40acres, on a working vineyard, with 14 beautifully appointed Boutique Cottage rooms - an onsite Bistro and the official Cellar Door for 5 outstanding wineries - Kinross is a beautiful escape for everyone wishing to appreciate natures finest...

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