My Perfect Case of Central Otago Wine

One of the best points about our cellar door at Kinross is our ability to ‘customise your case’ and mix-and-match between five premium boutique local wineries in Otago; our wine partners, Coal Pit, Hawkshead, Valli, Domaine Thomson and Wild Irishman. These are very special wines that are practically unable to obtain anywhere else outside of Otago.

Choosing a customised wine case to ship to your door is very easy and straight forward to do; either head to Kinross Wine Online or come in and visit us personally!

To give you an idea of all the wonderful combinations that could await you; I would like to give you an example of MY perfect wine case. One of the most wonderful things about wine is the fact that it is subjective; nobody has the same palette, everybody appreciates different wines, so no ‘perfect wine case’ will ever be the same!

They should however be based around three guidelines:

Wines to drink now

Wines for special occasions

Wines to cellar

These should help you make the most out of your case. Your wines will have a wide range of different uses, wines YOU want to drink, wines to bring out to impress your family and friends, and wine that will take you right back to a special time in your life, to bring back memories.

So we will split this case in three, and give each category four bottles.

Wines to drink now: As it is a scorching summertime in Gibbston at the time of writing, I shall need some refreshing wines to drink in the sunshine, outside, perhaps whilst enjoying a BBQ or a lovely al fresco dinner. So let’s go ahead and put in two bottles of Coal Pit Rose, one vintage 2016; a lovely sumptuious drop that is big, bold and fruity, and vintage 2017, a refreshing, crispier number that will go extremely well with salmon and cheese. Since I always enjoy some delicious cold-cuts of antipasti, I am going to pop in two bottles of our lovely Rieslings; Hawkshead Lowburn 2015, and the Valli Waitaki 2017. They both have a gorgeous citrusy sweetness to them that will counter-balance the chorizo and salami. Yum.

Wines for special occasions: I know what you are thinking, drinking all of our premium boutique wines constitutes a special occasion, right? Of course that is the case; we have some Pinot Noirs here to impress even the most die-hard Barossa Shiraz drinker, or delight even a Burgundy connoisseur. If I’m having a family get-together, I would choose some two Domaine Thomson wines; 2013 and 2011, perfect with a lovely juicy steak dinner, full of spicy peppercorn flavours and deep earthy berry flavours. That ought to impress any dinner guest! Two Valli Pinot Noirs, Bendigo and Waitaki; as these two wines really represent the extraordinary difference in terroir that our region of Central Otago has. Bendigo is big heavy plummy drop; due to its hot climate, whereas Waitaki is a more subtle and delicate minerality to it, because of the limestone Waitaki river soils.

Wines to cellar: These wines I would lay down for a few years. I could not recommend doing this enough, because this is part of the magic of wine, it is ‘alive’ in the bottle, and evolves and changes over time. Also, because our wines come in such small quantities, in 10 years you could be one of the only people in the world to be drinking an old vintage, making your cellared wines priceless. I would include 2 Wild Irishman; the Three Colleens and the Macushla. Two very special wines with an inspiring story of Alan Brady, the godfather of Gibbston wines. The most boutique wines we sell that will cellar beautifully.  The Hawkshead First Vines 2014 is another interesting earthy wine with enough tannin that will certainly evolve into something even more amazing. Lastly I would choose a Valli Gibbston 2016. This is very much the winemaker, Grant Taylor’s hallmark, he is a 4 time IWC winner for Gibbston wines. This is a solid red berry fruit number with soft tannin and oak that is going to open up wonderfully in 7-10 years.

So to summarise my ideal case would be:

  • Coal Pit Rose 2016
  • Coal Pit Rose 2017
  • Hawkshead Lowburn Riesling 2015
  • Hawkshead First Vines Pinot Noir 2014
  • Domaine Thomson Surveyor Thomson Pinot Noir 2013
  • Domaine Thomson Surveyor Thomson Pinot Noir 2011
  • Valli Waitaki Pinot Noir 2016
  • Valli Bendigo Pinot Noir 2016
  • Valli Waitaki Riesling 2017
  • Valli Gibbston Pinot Noir 2016
  • Wild Irishman Three Colleens Pinot Noir 2016
  • Wild Irishman Macushla Pinot Noir 2015

Just remember... What YOU personally enjoy is always the best choice but i promise you won't be disappointed with my suggestions :0)

Happy sipping everyone!

Wine Guru Ed


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