Balance is the key

Balance is the key

Life is all about balance. When the scales tip either side, something has to give.

So how do we find balance?

My solution: Give to yourself first. You know the saying when you are on an aeroplane if the O2 mask appears, help yourself before helping others!
The same applies to your everyday life.

Giving to yourself can be as simple as taking 10 minutes and sitting in silence each day. Silencing the mind and focus on your breath.
It is that simple and doesn’t cost a thing.

When my health suffered I was giving more to my family than myself. I was a new Mum and thought I needed to devote every part of myself to my daughter and what was left over to my husband, our home, my family and friends.
On the outside I was happy but the more I gave to others, the more my health declined.

The women you will meet at our event will show you ways to help yourself, how you can be the best possible you, expand your mind and help you heal both physically and mentally.

We all deserve Health & Happiness… Balance is the key!

Chenin Madden- Cre8ing Balance

Join Cre8ing Balance for a weekend of workshops on the 28th & 29th of April.


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