Emotional Intelligence Course this August!

MEQ Course in the Vines

Kinross, in its dramatic setting amongst the vines, is the perfect inspiring environment for personal development, and we are offering a unique learning opportunity to do just that.

On the 6th – 8th August (a full three-day course), Annette Ryan will be hosting the ‘Managing your Emotional Intelligence’, course in the Willow Room.

Annette has spent the last 20 years in organisational development and 15 of those years specialising in Emotional Intelligence, helping people manage their personality to become more personally and interpersonally effective. Having the ability to listen and connect with each person on an individual level, makes Annette a successful course instructor.

What is the MEQ course & what does Emotional Intelligence mean?
The Human Element is a personal and professional journey that enables you to explore.  Put simply, Emotional Intelligence is how well individuals identify and manage their own emotions and react to the emotions of others. It's understanding how those emotions shape your thoughts and actions so you can have greater control over your behaviour and develop the skills to manage yourself more effectively.

Who would benefit from attending the course?
Anyone focused on tapping into their potential to increase their personal development.  Anyone in a leadership influencing role and anyone wanting to deal with their self-esteem issues whether that be low, or ego driven, that is limiting their potential.

Managers in the Queenstown Lakes & surrounding areas should take up this development opportunity to improve not only their personal interactive skills but also develop their leadership style.

What is included?

  • 3 day workshop facilitated by Annette Ryan
  • Morning & Afternoon Tea
  • Brainfood for lunch!

Kinross also has 14, 4* studio cottage rooms, and so should you be travelling from further afield, there is also accommodation packages.

Is there anything I should do to prepare before attending the course?
Simply arrive present and be open to learning.

How can I make the most out of this course?
Be open to sharing new concepts, parts of yourself and most of all, listen to others.

What am I going to take home from this?
You will leave with a greater sense of self-awareness, the reasoning behind why you behave the way you do, what is helping you achieve your goals and what is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Open up your mind!

Places are limited.  Please contact events@kinrosscottages.co.nz to book your place.  

$2185 per person


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