There is a whole world out there!

We are off on an adventure in the name of research!

After a hectic, but extremely fun 7 months running Kinross Cottages, it is time for us all to take a wee moment to take a step back (or to the side for a sneaky cha cha cha) to see all of the changes that have come into effect since the new management team have arrived.

So much has happened... We have literally hit the ground running and in the last 6 months period, we have; opened the cafe, began serving Saturday brunch, held our first beautiful wedding, formed an awesome team, welcomed helicopters galore, developed Friday after work specials (because Fridays are special), become part of the community, received more than 1130 wonderful guests (not EVEN including groups!), raised 4 now famous peking ducks and been super lucky in crossing paths with some of the most amazing people to call our new friends. Talk about a whirlwind!

Gibbston is one of the most idyllic places on the planet and we are delighted to consider Kinross our new home.

Being travellers at heart, we are massive fans of challenging our ideas with those of different cultures... Seeing new sights & embracing a 'foreign' culture always helps us to become more objective and find inspiration.

It is for that very reason that we are closing the doors from the 23rd of May for just over a week. This will give the whole team an opportunity to take a break and head off on an educational adventure. At the same time, we can get minor renovations done so that everything is ready for the fast approaching winter, including the installation of our brand new cedar hot tub which will take pride of place beside the original Kinross family orchard and duck pond.

Adam & Lizzie are heading off to New Caledonia to attend the Tourism Festival at Noumea & research operations of a similar style. Their aim is to develop relationships with our closest French neighbours and in staying at various eco lodges, they have the intention of helping Kinross to take an even more eco friendly approach upon their return.

Panic not everyone. We will be open again on the 1st of June with fresh ideas ready for the snow season.

We LOVE winter & can't wait to welcome everyone to Kinross to try something a little different and more homely for winter accommodation in Queenstown this year.

Thanks to the outstanding Lina Hayes at
Wild at Heart for the wonderful photograph.


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